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Japanese School Support

A comprehensive programme specifically designed to complement school studies and to provide your child with the additional support he/she needs to make really significant progress at school, and improve his/her overall Japanese performance.

The small group setting provides plenty of opportunities for each child to practise his/her Japanese skills and receive feedback from the teacher - a far more practical and effective arrangement than the large class setting your child may experience at school.

According to his/her age and level, your child will:

  • reinforce what he is learning at school;
  • reinforce his/her listening comprehension and oral communication skills, including proper pronunciation and sentence structures;
  • practise his/her speaking skills in various contexts through interesting and enjoyable activities;
  • develop his/her reading comprehension and writing skills;
  • receive supportive guidance to keep up with his/her regular schoolwork / homework.

Emphasis is on developing competence as well as boosting self-confidence.