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Japanese Mother Tongue Support - For native Japanese-speaking children attending a local, ESF or international school

These specially designed courses are aimed at native Japanese-speaking children who can understand and/or speak some of the language, with at least one native Japanese-speaking parent, and who follow the local, ESF or international school system (other than Japanese).

We offer different levels to meet the needs of each child. Lessons follow the Japanese syllabus.

According to his/her age and level, your child will:

  • increase his/her listening comprehension and oral communication skills, including proper pronunciation;
  • enhance his/her reading, writing and spelling skills;
  • develop an interest in Japanese culture.

The main emphasis is on helping your child become truly bilingual and maintaining contact with his/her cultural heritage.

Note: these courses are in line with IB philosophy regarding mother tongue support for children schooled in a language other that their mother tongue.