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First Steps (4 years old)

Young children are terrific learners, with an amazing amount of energy and an eagerness for new challenges and experiences. This is a dynamic, fun-filled, theme-based programme where little ones develop both language and cognitive skills through listening, observing, exploring, doing and experiencing.


During this course, your child will:

  • learn in a playful environment: through a series of exciting interactive activities; rhymes; songs; stories; puppets; language development games; TPR; pretend-play; and arts & crafts, to engage his/her mind and spirit;
  • be actively involved:through interactive play and physical involvement, to encourage social interaction and make learning fun;
  • develop French language skills naturally and spontaneously: through repeated exposure, your child will soon increase his/her vocabulary and ability to express himself/herself in the language.  Our lessons are divided into themes with many different activities relating to each theme. For example if the theme is fruit, then all the activities, songs, games, etc. will revolve around fruit, the different types, shapes, colours, etc. of fruit. There are plenty of opportunities to practise and assimilate the language;
  • increase his/her attention span, develop self-esteem, independence, interaction and social skills, and a love for learning.