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Ready for Primary School (4-6 years old)


The transition to primary school can be intimidating for some children. This specific programme is designed for children who will be advancing to primary school in the next school year; the aim is to enhance your child's overall learning abilities, English language skills and readiness for primary school.

Amongst other things, and according to his/her age and level, your child will:

  • develop his/her understanding and oral communication skills;
  • increase his/her vocabulary and ability to form proper sentences;
  • engage in deep level learning;
  • enjoy lots of opportunities to interact with others;
  • be encouraged to work confidently and independently;
  • learn basic writing and reading skills;
  • develop literacy, numeracy, creativity, and a love for learning;
  • develop social interaction, self-esteem and confidence.

We can also  organise on demand some private sessions to help prepare your child for his/her forthcoming school interview.