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Getting Ahead (5-6 years old)

Children of this age have varying strengths, developing needs and individual interests. 
These progressive and stimulating programmes are designed to use what the children already know, draw on their specific interests and capitalise on their eagerness to learn to boost language and intellectual development.

Each lesson is organised as a series of fun, interactive activities, making use of rhymes, songs, poems, stories, puppets, creative games and arts & crafts, that engage your child's mind and spirit and encourage him/her to participate actively and to build up his/her interest in learning.

During these courses, your child will:

  • increase his/her range of vocabulary - appropriate to his/her age group, daily experiences and areas of interest;
  • increase further his/her ability to form proper sentences and communicate;
  • enjoy lots of opportunities to practise and absorb new language;
  • engage in deep level learning
  • be encouraged to work confidently and independently;
  • learn basic writing and reading skills
  • develop literacy, numeracy, creativity, and a love for learning.