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French In Action - Beginner, Improver, Intermediate, Advanced Levels

An interactive, highly motivating series of courses for children who do not study French at school and wish to learn for further studies, in preparation for an examination, or purely out of interest.

The main focus is on practising everyday language in various natural settings, and on developing your child’s comprehension, communication skills and confidence.

During these courses, your child will:

  • learn everyday language in various natural settings;
  • develop strong comprehension and communication skills, including proper pronunciation;
  • enjoy lots of opportunities to actively participate in class, recycle and consolidate what he/she has learnt through enjoyable activities, language development games and exercises carefully selected to relate to his/her age, level and areas of interest;
  • cultivate a real interest in the language and become more confident;
  • gain an exciting insight into France and French culture.

These courses provide a solid foundation in both spoken and written language skills. Emphasis is on developing competence and building up confidence while having fun.

Upon completion, your child may choose to sit for the DELF Prim examination.