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Creative Arts Workshop

Arts activities enable the child to make connections between the imaginative life and the world and to organise and express ideas, feelings and experiences in a visual, tangible form. In drawing, painting, constructing and inventing, the child assimilates and responds to experience and tries to make sense of it.

Our Creative Arts workshop is set out to encourage your child to develop his/her creativity in a fun hands-on and educational way. In this workshop, your child will be able to give free rein to his/her imagination and experience different materials, tools, techniques and processes... all the while practising his/her French language skills.

During this enjoyable, creative arts workshop, your child will:

  • practise his/her French in a fun and dynamic way;
  • discover different forms of arts through drawing, painting, moulding, constructing, collage, pottery...;
  • explore new concepts, ideas and sensation;
  • extend his/her fine motor skills;
  • refine his/her perception and develop a better awareness of concepts like colors, shapes, patterns, textures and volume;
  • enjoy fun hands-on creative arts & crafts activities;
  • challenge his/her imagination and stimulate his/her creativity;
  • build up his/her self-confidence.

During this workshop your child will create pieces to gift or keep, to entertain others with or appreciate visually (e.g. drawing, painting, collage, pottery, art construction / creation...).