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Preparation for Common Entrance Examination / Individual School Entrance

Preparation Courses For Entry to Top UK Schools.
These courses are designed for children who wish to be fully and effectively prepared for their upcoming entrance examinations.

Classes combine solid academic preparation with extensive practice of model examination tasks.

In addition to providing your child with the subject knowledge that he/she needs to excel, this course will equip him/her with exam techniques to maximise success and pass the exam with flying colours.

During these courses, your child will:

  • develop in depth his/her language skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing, including vocabulary building and grammar accuracy;
  • train for different examination tasks and develop study skills;
  • practise with mock examinations - with appropriate marking and performance reports;
  • receive supportive and comprehensive guidance and evaluation;
  • become familiar with the standard required and maximise his/her grades.

Emphasis is on developing competence and fluency in conversational skills, as well as boosting self-confidence. These courses will help your child to deliver his/her very best on the big day. 

While most UK schools accept students on the basis of their results in the Common Entrance Examination, some top schools set their own entrance exams to select the most able students. At HK Kidz, we have a 29-year proven track record in helping students to successfully prepare for Winchester College Entrance Examination as well as others.