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First Steps - German Nursery Level 1 (4 years old)

Children of this age long to do things by themselves and for new opportunities.                            
They also have this innate ability to learn and absorb language. This programme offers your child a progressive and stimulating learning experience through varied opportunities to explore, create, and experience.

During this course, your child will:

  • discover vocabulary appropriate to his/her age group and daily life experiences;
  • develop his/her ability to express himself/herself in the language;
  • sing songs, read stories, use puppets, play creative games and participate in arts and crafts and other fun-filled activities, enjoying endless opportunities to assimilate the new found language;
  • be immersed in the new language: by working and playing together with his/her classmates in German, your child will begin to communicate naturally and spontaneously in the language;
  • develop confidence: by singing, dancing and moving; enjoying group games and other fun activities with his/her classmates, your child will learn to do things with others in German and become more confident;
  • develop a love for learning.


German is used at all times, so your child is truly immersed in the German language!                   
Surely the best way to start learning a new language!